Care of Your Christmas Tree

Many people ask what to add to their water to help keep their tree fresh. Water, water, and more water is all the tree needs.

The common mistake made, is allowing the tree to dry out. An 8 foot tree will absorb 4 quarts of water a day for the first 2 days and then slow down. It's very important not to skip watering your tree, if your water runs dry, the trunk will seal off and your tree will no longer absorb water.

When you get your tree home keep in mind that you have 6 hours before the trunk seals off. If more than 6 hours pass, you must cut a .5" slice off the bottom of the trunk before placing it in the tree stand. Your tree should be kept away from heat registers, fireplaces or any heat sources that will only serve to dry out your tree.

Remember water, water, water!